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Paddy McGuninness and the Blue Badge

By: A.C. I never knew that the comedian, presenter and broadcaster, Paddy McGuinness, is the father of autistic twins and another child who is suspected to be on the spectrum. His wife Christine is a constant campaigner on social media … Continue reading

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Rudd Resigns

By: A.C. Amber Rudd has resigned from the UK Government Cabinet as the Secretary for Work and Pensions.   From her actions and announcements in the past, she was not like her more flint-edged colleagues on the extreme right of … Continue reading

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Dentists and Diabetes

By:A.C. It is often very difficult to get to grips with health statistics published in the “National” press & media as the statistics have been researched in England. However, I think that even in the absence of statistics or research … Continue reading

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Social Security Scotland Jobs

By:A.C. It would appear that the Auditor for Scotland has some reservations, and some gold stars for the new Social Security Scotland. As reported on our Facebook Page and at the BBC it would appear that the new Agency has … Continue reading

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Universal Credit

By: A.C. Our Facebook Page has featured articles from national media about Universal Credit,  or the  “pausing” of Universal Credit as Esther McVey and her colleagues change the benefits landscape, timetable and application process on a daily basis This situation makes … Continue reading

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BSL and Grampian Health Board’s Consultation

By: A.C. I cannot even imagine what a sensory deprivation is like. To be deprived of one’s sight or hearing and having to live in world which is operating for those who have little or no sensory impairment or deprivation, … Continue reading

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Para-Swimming Bullying

By:A.C. The BBC ran a report yesterday on the apology by British Swimming as regards the bullying complaints against coaching staff    These complaints include according to the BBC: “The governing body said the unnamed member of staff – understood to … Continue reading

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DVLA Changes

By: A.C. I was just a little confused by recent press coverage on driving licences and whether one needed to destroy a counterfoil attached to ones driving licence or not . The press reporting seemed to focus on the problems … Continue reading

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The Benefits of CCTV

By: J.M. On Thursday February 20th , a 31-year-old registered blind man, who is also profoundly deaf, from Ipswich, was waiting for a train with his brother and friend. He was attacked by two men and pushed on to the … Continue reading

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Ebola and the 24hour news cycle

By: A.C. I think we have all been well informed of every detail about Ebola Virus in the last few weeks. In some ways the continuous rolling news coverage tends to over-sensitise the viewer to what is happening. It is … Continue reading

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