A Tribute To Isobel

By: A.C.

It is with great sadness that I learned of the very recent death of our charity stalwart Isobel Hunter on Saturday 10 July 2021.

In our lifetimes, we will bury our loved ones, and probably attend funerals of relatives, colleagues and workmates who all led unremarkable and good lives.  Sometimes unknown and illuminating facts about their life becomes clear at the funeral.  

We will not often come across people like Isobel, who had a deep burning passion for the people she served with dedication and selflessness.  It would be true to say that Isobel’s life was the ethos of the charity, and her personal ethos were one and the same.

It was only recently she gave up doing the flower tubs at the War Memorial for example.  Little things that she did for the community, in local community social activism and caring.  

She did not suffer fools gladly, and would put officialdom in its place if injustice had been done to anyone.  One had to be sure of one’s facts when assisting her in factual research for any evidence that the DWP or other Government dept were failing the disabled.  

She was unafraid to take on “the powers that be”, and often won on behalf of her clients.  She recognised that many of her clients at the charity had exhausted many others with the complexity of their conditions, but Isobel recognised that if she did not fight for the forgotten and those who were wronged, then who would? 

Isobel will be greatly, and sadly be missed by all her family, friends, colleagues and I suspect even those who disagreed with her viewpoint.  Isobel had a way of making others see an aspect of life that spoke volumes of experience in her humanity and compassion

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4 Responses to A Tribute To Isobel

  1. Laura McCann says:

    So very sad to hear of Isobel’s
    She devoted her life to what she believed in such an incredible loss to so many the myself and the members of Grampian Pain Support are so grateful for her support

  2. Sorry to hear the news of Isobel’s passing. My thoughts are with you all at this time. From all of us over at Bpd Support Aberdeen.

  3. William Moir says:

    Shocked to learn of Isobel’s death. She was a rock who people relied on, on many occasions. l knew Isobel for about 10 years anytime l needed help she was there to give it. Rest in Peace Isobel .

  4. Mary Devine says:

    Hi just noticed that Isobel has passed on, what a beautiful soul she was totally selfless helping those that needed help, im truly saddened by this news, she was one of a kind, she will be missed by so much people who loved her. Rest in Peace Isobel.

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