Scam Calls

By: A.C.

My wife and I decided to modernise our telephones at Christmas.   Family wanted us on What’s App, or whatever, and our sturdy tried and tested Star Trek style flip- phones were getting past it.  Excellent for simple messaging and making a telephone call, and the inner workings were easy to deal with.   I must admit snapping shut a flip -phone is a very satisfying way of cutting off an unwanted caller, or if one has inadvertently dialled a wrong number.  

Android phones are not the easiest things in the world to learn at speed and get oneself knowledgeable about. 

The advantages of a good camera, and online instant communication with family and friends, has been outweighed by the number of scams from determined criminals.   Recently my wife and I have received four of these calls WARNING: National Insurance scam leads to surge in calls to Action Fraud | Action Fraud which to my thinking would panic some people, which of course is what these criminals want.  I received an automated call from a very “ Radio 4”  type voice speaking very posh English, advised me that my National Insurance   Number had been found along with a number of others in a raid by the Action Fraud team, and it was now compromised, and I should therefore press button one immediately to speak to an Officer.    Nae chunce – as they say in Aberdeen.

Luckily I had set my phone to reveal spam callers, so it was blocked and reported to my network provider.   I also reported the details to the ICO. Nuisance calls and messages | ICO  As I quickly found out though that these “ National” bodies are very quick to direct any complaint from Scotland to Police Scotland.   So there is a bit of confusion .    I simply emailed Police Scotland and left the various numbers for the attention of the Cyber Intelligence team, and I was reassured, in the  email reply that is what would happen.  Telling anybody about these calls seems to be somewhat confusing and different departments have separate responsibilities.   

In Scotland these auto -calls are seen as “ phishing, “ and the actual point of fraud, or criminality only begins when or if you speak to these people. That is beginning of the Fraud, and must be reported to the Police in Scotland.  So the obvious advice is on receiving these calls not to  be panicked into anything. Citizens Advice Scotland have a reporting number as well, along with advice. Report a scam – Citizens Advice Scotland

Consumer Advice Scotland also have a reporting service and advice. Latest Scams – Trading Standards Scotland (

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