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A Tribute To Isobel

By: A.C. It is with great sadness that I learned of the very recent death of our charity stalwart Isobel Hunter on Saturday 10 July 2021. In our lifetimes, we will bury our loved ones, and probably attend funerals of … Continue reading

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Scam Calls

By: A.C. My wife and I decided to modernise our telephones at Christmas.   Family wanted us on What’s App, or whatever, and our sturdy tried and tested Star Trek style flip- phones were getting past it.  Excellent for simple messaging … Continue reading

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The Espanade

By A.C. To update actions by Aberdeen City council as regards my article on Esplanade Cycling on this blog September 2021, I can report that all the bollards, road markings and restriction have been removed between Bridge of Don at … Continue reading

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By: A.C. An article at the BBC concerned with “ Long -Covid”  post – viral condition,  makes sense to hundreds if not thousands of sufferers of M.E or CFS and lesser known Fatigue Syndromes, Fibromyalgia &c. However, one has to … Continue reading

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Esplanade Cycling

By: A.C. Aberdeen Beach Esplanade has been transformed. Whether that is for the good or worse is very debatable.  However, the City Council started this “Space for People”project to use the space on the Esplanade to install two cycle lanes, … Continue reading

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Police and Hate Crime

By: A.C. This article is written with little enthusiasm. I am not someone to criticise our local Police Service, and in fact I tend to be supportive where I can. As disabled people, probably 99% of us have had some … Continue reading

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Aberdeen Art Gallery

By: A.C. I am an occasional visitor to Aberdeen At Gallery, Schoolhill, Aberdeen  Since its refurbishment and reopening just before Christmas, what is on display, and more importantly is it access friendly? The first thing one is confronted with, is … Continue reading

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Social Welfare and Neoliberalism

By:A.C. Regular readers will know that I sometimes refer to my mother who had been affected by poliomyelitis. (polio) Growing up as a carer – whether I was aware of that ot not – still gives me a valid viewpoint … Continue reading

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Paddy McGuninness and the Blue Badge

By: A.C. I never knew that the comedian, presenter and broadcaster, Paddy McGuinness, is the father of autistic twins and another child who is suspected to be on the spectrum. His wife Christine is a constant campaigner on social media … Continue reading

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Brexit and Service Dogs

By: A.C. As we enter the next few days of frenetic, bullish political rhetoric about Brexit, it would appear the bluster and scant regard for detail will affect those who need service dogs and have to travel between the UK … Continue reading

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