Aberdeen Art Gallery

By: A.C.

I am an occasional visitor to Aberdeen At Gallery, Schoolhill, Aberdeen

 Since its refurbishment and reopening just before Christmas, what is on display, and more importantly is it access friendly?

The first thing one is confronted with, is a door button on the granite stonework outside to open the outer door.   At first,  I could not see it because it blended in so well with the stonework.  I watched as other folk solved the visual puzzle, so it was not just my eyesight.  Good position though for a wheelchair.  Inside the large “ foyer” a double automatic sliding door opens into the main hall, where there is a cafeteria and shop.   Everything is very accessible, and every floor has a toilet for the disabled, changing facilities and on the top gallery there is the rare sight of a harness style  lift  over a changing bench.  Apparently only one of two in Aberdeen and when I looked, all the toilets were roomy, clean and warm.

So what else is at the Gallery?

A great deal of exhibits on every floor to suit everyone’s taste from Modern, through Historical Art  Deco , Arts & Crafts, Romantic, Special Displays,  Political, Photography and much more.

Entry is free at the Gallery, and I found it to be a very enjoyable visit, and as entry is free then one can visit more often.    One visit would never be enough.

Parking for the disabled can be tricky but a full list can be found here.

There are Events, Talks and  and Special Exhibitions scheduled up to April, and I was so engrossed I missed a lunchtime one on Granite .Check out the website for the Gallery or the   The What’s On List for Events.

One of the present tours is The BSL Ferryman’s Journey on 26 January 2pm: and again Wef 26 February at 2pm. All tours free.  There is also a Visual Description Tour on Friday 17 January, 31 January and 14 February. 

There are also special “ quiet times” for aiutistic visitors, and you should enquire about when those occur.

There are little or no Parking for Disabled Spaces  , but there are some outside Robert Gordon College nearby.  .    Stagecoach and First Group do have buses that stop on Blackfriars Street at the Gallery’s  Cowdray Hall.    Use Traveline Scotland to plan your journey. 

Below are some of the exhibits of which many  have explainers and information at wheelchair level. Photography is allowed and encouraged, but no images can be used for commercial purposes and copyright for these images belongs to the author.

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