Paddy McGuninness and the Blue Badge

By: A.C.

I never knew that the comedian, presenter and broadcaster, Paddy McGuinness, is the father of autistic twins and another child who is suspected to be on the spectrum. His wife Christine is a constant campaigner on social media for those on the spectrum.

Apparently a “furious” Paddy McGuinness wad reported in the tabloid press when he tweeted about an “ignorant fool” that had just challenged him about using a parking for disabled space at his local play-centre.

McGuinness has a Blue Badge for his eldest child- meaning, of course, that they had every right to park there.

I will not increase the figures for those tabloids by linking, but a sensible interview by the BBC Breakfast presenters Louse Minchin and Dan Walker  can be found here.  This is an excellent interview which lasts approximately 7 minutes. ( for those who watch their data).

The situation as regards autism and the use of Blue Badges has recently changed in England.

However I would like to point out that the Scottish Government were ahead of the rest of the country in gathering data and enacting law on the Blue Badge for those affected by autism. It would appear the Scottish Government had the rules changed in February 2018.  You can read the  criteria here

As regards the subject of invisible disability, Blue Badges and etc, I have written several articles on these subjects s over the years.   Use the search box on the right to find even more info on Blue Badges and hidden disabilities.
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