Rudd Resigns

By: A.C.

Amber Rudd has resigned from the UK Government Cabinet as the Secretary for Work and Pensions.  

From her actions and announcements in the past, she was not like her more flint-edged colleagues on the extreme right of the party.

I have previously written (Terminal Illness Benefits Review ) quoting from the Special Rapporteur for the Un who reported on the UK Government’s system toward its own Welfare State and Poverty in the UK.   

Normally I would be sanguine about the resignation of a Cabinet Minister. However, there does seem to a revolving door in this Office, and the politicians forget that when they resign, all the reviews, promises, legislation and so on, all get put into a pending file and probably forgotten about.  That is politics, but in reality, that post has had several Secretaries over the years.

The difference between IDS and Amber Rudd was probably knowledge and compassion for and those who are ill, disabled or struggling to survive. IDS only seemed to care about penalising what he saw as charlatans and wasters. 

The replacement Secretary is Therese Coffey, MP for Suffolk Coastal. The story is reported in The Mirror

Good Luck to her at this time of turmoil, chaos, matters of conscience and being stabbed in the front by colleagues.

Will her appointment be any different to her predecessors?  

Let’s see if she can actually make a dent in the pending tray, or maybe allay the fears and distrust many disabled people have had for the Right –Wing uncompassionate holders of the Office previously.

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