The Benefits of CCTV

By: J.M.

On Thursday February 20th , a 31-year-old registered blind man, who is also profoundly deaf, from Ipswich, was waiting for a train with his brother and friend. He was attacked by two men and pushed on to the tracks. He was also punched as he tried to get back up on to the platform. When his brother came to his aid he to was also pushed on to the tracks.

All this was caught on CCTV which lead to the swift conviction of the two men who each received 22 months and nine months respectively.

I hope these two men will receive psychiatric help while they are imprisoned as I cannot fathom why someone would do this.

Prison is sometimes the easy answer even though the punishment fits the crime.

The victims are still recovering from their injuries after hospitalisation which includes a fractured foot. I wish them a speedy recovery.

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