Welfare and Healing

By: A.C.

There appear to be various comments and articles over the weekend, which in no uncertain, and sometimes very blunt language, comment about what seems like an undiluted attack on the disabled by the DWP, and in particular those with degenerative diseases.

One of the articles which we recently shared on our Facebook Page attacks the DWP for its re-classification of people with progressive or degenerative disease “ as fit to work” rather than placing them in the ESA Support Group.

I am glad that at last, the big Charities that represent people with disabilities or exist to lobby and make public those concerns which are their core reasons for making everybody aware of life-changing, and lifestyle changing disease, are all getting together and uniting as one voice in their opposition to the DWP and its punitive regime.

Too often, charities are restrained in a public voice, because of the particular method that they receive funding. Most ordinary folk who simply give money via subscription, donation or volunteer, are unconcerned about how that money is raised. The motivation for any volunteer in any charity is usually personal experience and the non–existent help, research or awareness regarding their or a loved one’s particular condition. Celebrities donate to particular charities for usually the same reasons. No matter how renowned, celebrated or famous, at some point illness or disability will occur to ourselves or to those around us.

The Big Charities have well–developed funds that aid research into a particular disease, pharmaceuticals or knowledge and understanding of the condition they lobby for. They have experts in their organisations who have the knowledge, understanding and awareness of that particular field of human disease.

This is usually a beneficial, symbiotic process between Clinicians in the field, researchers, Therapists, Social Work, Occupational Therapy etc, to study that disease, condition, or disability – however it was caused or developed. These charities have a wealth of understanding and knowledge which should not be ignored.

That however is not what appears to be what is happening at the DWP, where the minister in charge, Ian Duncan Smith, seems to be on a personal crusade to bring about the healing of thousands of chronically ill who have degenerative disease, and those who have chronic conditions with multiple effects on their life. He appears to be ignoring those who understand what the words “degenerative disease” actually mean, and continues to instruct his apostles in ATOS or whoever are the present assessors, to carry out his will of causing anxiety, despair and fear amongst chronically ill and disabled people.

Does he really believe that he can heal the sick by telling them, to pick up their bed and walk?

Usually, delusional thoughts of mass healing is regarded as a condition that deserves sectioning immediately to the nearest secure ward, where well –trained people will administer to that condition.

However, no matter how much IDS’ willing workers in the DWP deny that degenerative and chronic disease, sometimes obvious, and at other times hidden, are part of someone’s life; that denial of welfare will not bring about healing as though these people had all been suffering some form of mass hysteria and all they needed was a good kick up the backside to get them motivated.

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