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PIP Review

By: A.C. The unexpected & sudden U –Turn made by Esther McVey in deciding not to contest the decision of the High Court in December,  which heavily criticised the DWP and its blatantly discriminatory regulations toward those disabled who cannot navigate, … Continue reading

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Assessment Changes

By: A.C. Those who follow our Facebook News Feed will have noticed the usual Gov.UK logo announcing  Changes for Assessment (Work Capability Assessment) . This announcement, which took effect on 29 September, is not exactly being trumpeted by the Government. Maybe … Continue reading

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New Scottish Welfare System- Where We Are And How To Get Involved.

By now you are probably aware that a certain amount of new powers over some benefits are being devolved to the Scottish Government.  Our contributor A.C. recently wrote to the Scottish Government about the new powers. He brought to their attention … Continue reading

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More on IDS Resignation

By: A.C. I usually try to avoid Andrew Marr on a Sunday Morning unless there is a reason for watching.   As I get older, I no longer sit quietly and listen to politicians being interviewed.  I seem to end up uttering … Continue reading

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IDS Resigns

By: A.C. I happened to be online late the other night, when newsrooms started to broadcast the breaking news that Iain Duncan Smith had resigned from the UK Government Cabinet.   I was as puzzled by his resignation as David Cameron was … Continue reading

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PIP, DLA and Motabillity

By: A.C. The recent figures published by the BBC recently on the amount of disabled people having their Motability Vehicles taken away when the DWP order a reassessment from DLA to PIP is very disturbing.   According to the BBC statistics: “More … Continue reading

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ESA changes and Burns

By: A.C. It is ironic that on 25 January, 257 years since the birthday of Robert Burns, when thousands of Scots and others will toast the immortal memory of the Scots’ National Bard, the controversial Work and Welfare Reform Bill … Continue reading

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