PIP Review

By: A.C.

The unexpected & sudden U –Turn made by Esther McVey in deciding not to contest the decision of the High Court in December,  which heavily criticised the DWP and its blatantly discriminatory regulations toward those disabled who cannot navigate, or have difficulty due to psychiatric  problems, is cautiously welcomed as the Government seems to be saying that all PIP applications are being reviewed.    

Disabled people are now quite suspicious of anything that the UK Government says regarding its Welfare policies, ideologies and its actions toward the disabled. 

I have scoured various sites on the net for any clue what this review actually means.   I have not yet found anything that is official or defining as to whom this review affects.

For example; this article at Money Saving Expert which is a reputable site run by Martin Lewis seems to suggest that all the past PIP clams will be digitally reviewed without any physical assessment.. 

“The DWP has told us that at the moment people who receive PIP don’t need to do anything and will be contacted in due course.  Taking questions in Parliament today, Newton said: “For the group of people that may be affected, we will undertake a detailed review of their application and award. “We will write to those individuals affected and all payments will be backdated to the effective date in each individual claim.

“There will be no face-to-face reassessments of awards.”

However that statement by the Disabilities Minister seems to suggest that the DWP will review all applications and then sift out those who are affected by the decision to review.

Nikki Fox, the disability correspondent for the BBC writes

 “ This judgement won’t affect people with physical disabilities, but the DWP will be going through everyone currently in receipt of PIP to narrow the 1.6 million claims down to approximately 220,000 people it thinks will be affected.

The DWP has told me it will prioritise claimants who were disallowed PIP over those already in receipt of the award.”

At the moment, this decision to review every PIP claimant might seem a hollow victory if the Government simply review the 1.6 million  claims and ignore failed applications in the past for the higher mobility  elements.   It seems a monumental exercise to undertake if, while they are at that task to leave other deserving cases on file and do nothing.

I think if one has been knocked back for PIP, then make sure that you contact our Office for advice on how to Appeal and get help with completing the forms.

With all due respect to experienced news correspondents, I am very wary of what Esther McVey is doing, and in the end this internal Departmental exercise may not give the results that are being suggested by the various pundits.   It is sad to say that this Secretary of State has a past reputations by using a form of words to deceive and deprive entitlement.

So I think everybody should just “ wait and see” what happens.

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