Blue Badge Updates

By: A.C.

Recently, heavy national news coverage about the Blue badge Scheme in England, regarding the inclusion of people with “navigation difficulties” and who are therefore now eligible for a blue badge have raised questions by some folk about what happens in Scotland.

I wrote about the forward thinking of the Scottish Government in 2016 on this very subject, reporting on the Blue Badge criteria and the pilot extension scheme started in April 2016.

Transport Scotland report the confirmation of the Pilot Scheme here in December 2017.

“The disabled person’s parking badge pilot, which was launched in April 2016, has been made permanent by the Scottish Government.

The eligibility criteria were revised and extended under a pilot to allow carers and relatives of people who pose a risk to themselves or others in traffic to apply for a disabled person’s parking badge, provided they meet the criteria.

The Transport Scotland Blue Badge Working Group, established in 2015, has been evaluating the pilot and put forward recommendations that the extension should be made permanent, which has now been agreed.”

To learn more about Blue Badge eligibility, criteria and the rules and regulations surrounding the Scheme visit these online sites or contact your local authority.

We would also advise those who reside in in and around Aberdeen, and who have any questions, or would like help with completing the application to contact our Office.


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