Unicorns and Brexit


Unicorns are mythical beasts that have various meanings as far apart as children’s toys and technology.  The one–horned horse of beauty, purity and magical quality is everywhere in toy shops.

Scotland national “animal” is depicted by a Unicorn on the left side of the heraldic Royal Coat of Arms and bound by a golden chain.  Ancient Legend, myth and fable are always useful to explain the use of the Unicorn in such a visible way.

Technology firms that have invented an “app” or programme that is unique and will create billions of pounds on the internet as a start –up company, is referred to as a Unicorn.

 J.K Rowling wrote about them in Harry Potter, and how the magical creature had qualities of great healing from its silvery blood.

Since my last post about Medicines and Uncertainty it seems as though the Government have become believers in the existence of Unicorns, to the point of exclusion and work on Health, Disability, Employment, Crime and other pressing social issues to concentrate on finding the fabled Brexit Unicorn.

Whilst the Government deal with what is not possible in Parliament, ordinary people are being faced with the reality of actual, and future profiteering through manufactured drug shortages.

The Sunday Post has these stories which show how diabetics will be badly affected.

“Scotland’s chief medical officer last week issued guidelines to doctors about how the country will cope with a no-deal Brexit.

Dr Catherine Calderwood warned medicine shortages might occur but that the NHS would manage the situation. But diabetic and patient support groups yesterday said shortages are already happening and blamed it on wholesalers and patients stockpiling drugs. They are seeing a scramble for the diabetic drug insulin and glucose-monitoring devices.

Aileen Hillis, founder of diabetes awareness group iPAG Scotland, said: “I am contacted by more than 20 diabetic patients a week, all desperately seeking insulin, monitoring equipment, or pumps to deliver their insulin.”

This article at the BBC should concern all people who are waiting for operations, or have chronic illness. This is a firming up of the logistics preparation referred to in my last article. Of course, no one can predict a Road Accident, or other acute situation due to chronic illness.

“The code name for the government’s no-deal Brexit contingency plan is Operation Yellowhammer, named after a bird.

First launched in June 2018, it covers 12 areas including transport, healthcare, energy, food and water.

It is based on worst-case scenario assumptions- delays at the border over a six-month period, increased immigration checks at EU border posts, reduction in choice and availability of food, and potential price increases for utilities, food and fuel.”

The Government seem intent on pursuing and finding the unattainable magical creature which is the fabled Brexit Unicorn of No Deal. Their grail –like quest seems to be almost over as 10 April looms ever closer.  In the meantime politicians are like stuck records, repeating the magical chant of Rees-Mogg that the purity of the No –Deal Brexit Unicorn, will apparently solve all ills. Our politicians of all colours meantime propose pointless amendments, as the alchemists of Brexit get ever nearer to conjuring up disaster.

 I am reminded of the snake oil evangelist of the 19th century selling his nostrums to people who seek a cure for their ills.

It never worked then, and like Unicorn’s blood – it is a myth.

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One Response to Unicorns and Brexit

  1. AC says:

    So now we know something. May has kicked the can down the road again until Halloween 2019; whilst she tries to wrangle some kind of deal with her own party.

    There are always profiteers in any situation: but they ask the question ” what can I get out of this?” . They never ask ” what can I do to help solve this problem?”

    What would I personally do? It appears to me that in order to end the chaos and uncertainty of the Brexit situation, then instead of asking for extensions to the leaving date, and struggling to find anyone who will vote for that: then simply revoke article 50 and remain in the EU. Though pragmatism and the obvious do not sit well with Politicians. Who created this mess? David Cameron – who then ran off to Italy to enjoy his pension in a sun -kissed Villa. , ” a big boy did it Miss and then ran away”

    For a lot of people needing medicines, Brexit is a very serious business. Already the Pharma Corporations are stockpiling – not to help the public – but to create a shortage in order to profiteer as I have shown in the article.. .

    In the meantime work from the inside to change the EU for the better.

    The free trade buccaneers of the ERG seem to be wanting a Hong Kong or Singapore style UK. Trouble is this is not the 18th Century and the Queen no longer sanctions piracy against the French and Spanish. .

    Although Rees – Mogg does a good impression of someone from the days of colonialism and Empire.

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