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One topic that seems to arise regularly in discussion at either the social group or with our volunteers is the subject of travel to our location at Kettock Lodge, Campus Two , 2 Balgownie Drive, Bridge of Don, Aberdeen.

There appears to be a perception that our Office is somehow “remote” or out of the way.  

Let’s try to bust a few perception myths.

Our old premises at Spring Garden, were situated on George Street, which is close to Hutcheon Street. Personally I would not regard that as “City Centre” , although many others regarded it as such. Spring Garden had about two car parking spaces with maybe another if we moved those who continually parked in the controlled spaces. To get to George Street, required one bus if you were lucky enough to live on the 17, 18 or 19 Bus Routes run by First Bus, which went between Dyce – Bucksburn To Faulds Gate: or 19 Tillydrone out to Culter.

So depending on where folk lived, two buses were probably required to get to Spring Garden.  

There was a double yellow line at the front door and a busy road that did not help with disembarking passengers from vehicles.

All in all, for disabled folk this was not so easy to get to as folk remember. Getting off a bus coming from the city centre involved crossing George Street and navigating badly and illegally parked vehicles, large waste bins and uneven flagstone pavements.

Kettock Lodge is a modern building with a huge amount of car parking, flat tarmac and slabbed walkways to a controlled access door, and lift to the Office door.

To get there I suggest that people consult Traveline Scotland.

for their particular journey- but a good rule of thumb is that the No.1 stops just outside.

For example ; a client coming from Garthdee to Bridge of Don for a 12 Noon appointment on Wednesday 10 April 2019. :

Leave 10:53 – Garthdee, adjacent to Morrison Drive on Auchinyell Road


Service Number 1

Operator First Aberdeen

Route Garthdee + Auchinyell circular – Danestone

Duration 43 mins

Fares £2.60

The No 1 Bus is the best bus for our Office and wherever one is coming from in Aberdeen (except on the route of the No 1) it would require a connection somewhere. The number 18 to Dyce does stop at the bottom of Grandholm Brae just over the Diamond Bridge, but for anyone with a mobility related disability that is a very difficult uphill walk and is not advisable if that option is offered. .

This website will also help anyone to see their options for travel to clinics, social appointments or our office or social group.

One option that not many people know about is the community bus for the disabled, that is operated by the City of Aberdeen. To find out more about this community bus in Aberdeen visit this website. h

 “ Community transport services operates in Aberdeen City area between 10am and 2:30pm, Monday to Friday. 

There is also a Lower Deeside Service which operates on Monday and Thursday only between 10:30am and 2pm.

The service provides a door to door service within a particular area for those who are unable to use conventional bus services, the elderly and disabled. Our vehicles are fully wheelchair accessible.

There is no restriction on journey origin or destination within the local area of your collection and all services will travel to the City Centre. Requests for travel between different designated routes will be subject to availability.

As exact travel times cannot be guaranteed, we ask that people travel within flexible times to allow as many people as possible to use the service.”

Our Office is as accessible, and in fact offers better parking and facilities for our members and clients.

One day, with all the house–building that is going on, we will be at the centre of the community in Bridge of Don, and doubtless more buses will pass by our Office.

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