“Treated Like A Criminal”

By: G.E.

According to the Disability News Service the sister of a man who was driven to suicide by the Work Capability System also tried to take her own life after the way she was treated by the department for work and pensions over her benefit claims made her feel she had been “treated like a criminal”.

Elanor Donnachie, from Coatbridge, spoke to the Disability News Service about her own struggles and how fighting for ESA and PIP drove her to try to take her own life earlier this year.

Previously, Elanor had spoken to the Daily Record about her belief that her brother Paul was a victim of the DWP’s failure to ensure the safety of people with mental health conditions who apply for ESA through the work capability assessment system while in vulnerable situations.

She told Disability News Service that she feels she has been “treated like a criminal“ just as she feels her brother was.

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