61 Year Old Amputee Declared “Fit For Work”

By: G.E.

According to a story I came across a 61 year old amputee has been told he must look for work despite being unable to leave the house.

After 3 unsuccessful attempts to remove a blood clot, in December and January doctors told him his leg had to be amputated above the knee as it was “dying”.

Mr Ilott, a former farm labourer is currently living with his daughter because he cannot climb the stairs to his own flat.

Despite saying he has provided the DWP with documentation from his doctor saying he is unfit to work his ESA was stopped and has been told he must apply for jobseekers’ allowance.

Speaking to the Express he said; “its harsh of the government to think that 6 months after the amputation I should be looking for work”.

According to the article, a spokesman for the DWP said: 

“the decision on whether someone is well enough for work is made following a through independent assessment and after consideration of all the supporting evidence from a GP or medical specialist”.

An assessment from a second doctor said “He was able to propel himself the length of 2 football pitches in his wheelchair”.

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