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By: A.C.

I have deliberately kept my computer silent over a longer period than normal. I did this because of the extraordinary changes in politics, that appear to be very right–wing and cares not about people’s rights, subverts court decisions, and which appears to have no humanity or compassion.

There is a growing swell of strutting right–wing politicians who are all puffed up with their new found confidence following recent developments in the world. Authoritarianism in many forms is on the march and affecting  ethnic groups, the poor, sick and disadvantaged of this world.

Although mental health disability is not in our remit, I think we can sympathise with MIND, the Mental Health Charity in their fight to show that many conditions as reported on our Facebook Page recently and at other times, that  we are very well aware of the issues caused by the government at Westminster’s reforms to the welfare system.

If you read through these blog articles during the time of Ian Duncan Smith, and his hard–right philosophy, up until the recent statement quoted by many media sources,  including The Independent;

“Downing Street policy chief and Tory MP George Freeman was accused of denigrating mental health issues after he said the changes were simply “tweaks”, aimed at “people who take pills at home who suffer from anxiety.”

It would seem that no matter how many charities, organisations or experts are advising the Government against their policies against the disabled, they are set on a course of cutting PIP.

One only need look at the Supreme Court case which they lost, where the disabled had their rights upheld, and the Government swiftly changed the goalposts to exclude 165, 000 more people with physical disabilities.

“The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) was advised to expand the reach of the Personal Independence Payment (PIP) by two tribunals to cover a broader spectrum of claimants, including those with psychological problems.

However disabilities minister Penny Mordaunt said urgent reforms were needed to “restore the original aim of the benefit”, before tightening the measures.”

Take a look at the letter on this blog page, that I posted  recently.

The Scottish Government seem to be listening, and appear to want a whole different Welfare System in Scotland. Whether this continues, or is allowed to continue, or not is anyone’s guess.

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