Grace and Thula

By: A.C.

Yesterday on our Facebook Page we shared the BBC News item about Thula the Maine Coon Cat and her close friend Iris Grace, the daughter of Arabell Carter –Johnson.

Arabella Carter –Johnson is a wedding photographer and author of an eponymous  new book about her talented daughter Iris Grace who happens to be on the autistic spectrum.  

Iris Grace is a little girl with an amazing talent for communicating by using paint or dance. Then into her life came Thula the Cat.  Not just any old moggy, but a carefully selected, and very large breed called a Maine Coon. These cats are known to love water, are very calm and friendly, and being such a large cat, Iris Grace found the security of the heavyweight cat on her legs very reassuring.

From that point, Thula and Iris Grace became inseparable.

To view the longer, and “ summertime”  version of the video seen in the News Item, then go here.  It goes without saying, that the professional work of Iris Grace’ Mum is made all the more enjoyable and distinct by her clever choice of music. .

You can view all Iris Grace’s paintings on the same page or you can go here

To learn more about the Maine Coon Cat, and how it developed over the years you can read about that here

In the Iris Grace video it may not at first be apparent, that these cats are indeed VERY big.  The Maine Coon Cat Club comment on the size:

“The Maine Coon takes 3-4 years to finish growing, and people expect to see a giant cat sitting in a pen, when at fifteen months he’s still only a baby. Fully grown females average 7-12lbs and males 10-18lbs. Granted, a few do reach the 20’s “

So if you are tempted to house one of these huge cats, remember that Tiddles will not be Tiddles, it will be more likely to be Kitten Kong.


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