Yet More Cuts Ahead

By A.C.

It was with a heavy cynical and weary sigh, when I heard George Osborne announce further austerity cuts of £25 Billion following the next election. He specifically mentioned that almost half of these would come from further cuts in welfare.

Anybody can have an accident, get sick or be born with disability problems. Why is this Government so determined to wage a “war” against Welfare?

It used to be that each Minister in charge of a Dept. no matter their political colours, would have to be seen to work against proposed cuts by a Chancellor. Like the revelation from the 30 Year Archive release of the Thatcher era where the Scottish Secretary, would only agree to minimum cuts to the Scottish block grant if those cuts could be wholly deniable or hidden to other politicians.

So why does IDS not say, openly and publicly, to Osborne; “Look, people are suffering, there is poverty being created amongst the most vulnerable in society, go elsewhere to find these cuts and give the hard-pressed disabled in our society a break”, rather than apparently leaking his opposition through the press and “spokespeople”?

The announcement is very divisive, because it would seem that the “grey” vote is being sweetened up, with guarantees on pensions. However, People of all ages are, or will get ill or disabled, and nobody has a guarantee on health for the rest of their lives.

It would seem that Prisoners, Terrorists and other such folk who have actually attacked our society, are afforded Human Rights Appeals in the European Court of Human Rights regarding rights to vote, or the condition of the prison. Disability can be our own personal prison, and disability is certainly a human rights issue. All we seem to attract though are yet more attacks on the most vulnerable in society in the name of saving money.

Compassion seems to be a word that embarrasses Governments, because it means having to care about others. It does not mean caring about others, only if they are not sick, able –bodied and take no welfare. .

This website  is run by the disabled comedian Francesca Martinez, who has Cerebral Palsy, and whom you may have seen or heard on Radio or TV panel Shows. The website campaigns to harness that anger and channel it into forcing the Government to change its War on Welfare.

For those who have an artistic bent, or engage in street theatre, there are scripts available for download about ‘ATOS Stories’.

Disabled people have to try to find a voice, and here at AAD we will try our best to help you through the maze of forms. It is not easy for our volunteers who seem to be challenged by constant changes in Welfare Regulations, or new names for old benefits, sometimes it almost seems as if the DWP want to weaken our resolve, by making it very difficult to claim.


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  1. james milne says:

    Compassion:- What is compassion?
    •Compassion is the desire to ease others’ suffering.
    •Compassion is a sympathetic awareness of another’ distress combined with a desire to alleviate it. Kindness and caring are shown.
    •Service and generosity are ways that compassion can be demonstrated.

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