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By: A.C.

It would appear that Boro Taxis in Teeside, have been halted in their threatened discriminatory actions against the disabled, by enforcement of the Equality Act 2010.

Apparently, Boro Taxis lease the minibus type vehicles which have the facilities to transport wheelchairs.  The drivers then expected to be paid double the fare for transporting the disabled person and their equipment.   See story here:

Deputy Mayor, Councillor Dave Budd, said:

I am pleased that this threatened withdrawal has now been removed. Middlesbrough Council is always happy to talk to the taxi trade to ensure the best possible service for all users, but it should go without saying that issues of equality are not open to discussion or negotiation.”

It would appear that only when an outcry begins do Politicians start to get squeaky backside syndrome, a condition well known amongst those who know they are in trouble.

This was blatant Discrimination from the outset when drivers started charging prices double that of a standard fare.  This practice had been going on for a while, resulting in complaints to the Council Licensing Department.  If a Council fails to act on complaints and reports of Discrimination, then they themselves start to discriminate against the Victims of Discrimination.

When the powerless complain to the authorities that an injustice is being perpetrated unlawfully against them, then for Officials, Police or Prosecuting Authorities to do nothing, but rather try to accommodate businesses, is to compound the discrimination.

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