Update on ATOS

By: A.C.

I discovered this report in the online magazine ComputerworldUk that ATOS is to be awarded a £10 Million pound contract to continue providing IT information systems to the DWP until 2016.

This report is unfortunately what I suspected would be the case with the ATOS Information Technology, premises and all the “stuff” they have control over.

“The DWP said that an alternative provider would not be able to set up the new services in time without there being “an unacceptable level of service transition and delivery risk failure”.

“Another supplier would be unable to provide the IT services using the existing hardware, software, premises, etc, because the physical assets are owned by the current provider of the assessment services rather than the Authority”

If there is any reading between the lines here, it is simply that in ATOS walking away from the contract, they have given the Government a huge headache.

The DWP might have won a propaganda battle with ATOS , thus stifling protest and anger at the Work Capability Assessments.

ATOS have given the Government a corporate Gallic Shrug and said “if you can find anyone better to do our job, replace our software, get new premises – then go ahead”.

There is a an old Dog Latin quotation that talks of carborundum , and is basically saying that “you should never let them grind you down” .

Always remember that there are folk at AAD who have been through this. Take a minute to contact us.

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