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By: A.C.

I think most people will be familiar with Ade Adepitan, who over the years has reported on disability issues, and filmed documentaries of all kinds.

I caught the new BBC Travel Show where he is now a presenter as part of a team.

As a seasoned traveller and presenter, Ade did a very good job in his slot, covering the opening up of the Pope’s gardens to the public at Castle Gandolfo. I am delighted to see that Ade is so good at his job, that his disability and the fact he is in a wheelchair becomes irrelevant. This, in the ideal world, should be the case for all those who face life in challenging circumstances because of disability.

Maybe at the end of the series, instead of the slick production and seamless presenting, focusing purely on the destination subject chosen, Ade will show us the difficulties he faced while filming in those far–flung destinations. For most travellers who happen to be disabled, and have the means to visit exotic destinations, this would then be useful information. However, that would mean Ade becomes a presenter for a travel show which focuses on the difficulties faced by people who have disability issues, and not his skills as a presenter.

Contrasted with Ade is Francesca Martinez. I saw her yesterday ( Friday 4 July 2014) on The Daily Politics
talking about her involvement with the People’s Assembly and the upcoming Benefit Gig on 7 July.

Francesca is a comedian and disability rights campaigner. She is a powerful speaker and has a happy knack of disregarding the normal etiquette of political journalism on these shows, by simply asking very awkward questions, or making straightforward statements which clearly make other guests uncomfortable.

Is that because the question is uncomfortable and direct, or because these questions come from a young woman who happens to have cerebral palsy? I think Francesca knows her stuff as a campaigner against austerity and welfare cuts, and makes strong arguments in her campaign.

Two people in the public eye who happen to be disabled, but with different profiles, ideas and jobs.

What are your views?

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