Top Billing

By: G.F.

One way film and television companies attract viewers is to employ very high profile actors in their productions. I sometimes check out the cast lists involved before deciding to watch a particular film or television drama. I have just finished watching the final episode of the latest BBC series Silent Witness and have to commend the beeb on another excellent “Original British Drama”.

The drama was first screened in 1996 but I have only become an avid viewer of the programme this year. The last two episodes were particularly intriguing and I saw some actors reasonably well known in British television. We often hear about television ratings and how the various television companies compete to have the highest viewing figures.

I have been hooked on the ITV drama Broadchurch since its first ever episode and so the BBC really had to pull out the stops as these two different programmes were shown simultaneously at 9pm. Fortunately I am blessed to have a recording device so I could watch them both. Just as competition between big supermarkets is good for the consumer so is the case in television.

Sitting in my armchair with my television juices fully sated after Silent Witness the icing on the cake was to see the actor who was top of the billing as the cast list credits appeared before my eyes. As a disabled person myself it was a joy to see it was none other than the exceptionally talented actress, stand-up comedian, broadcaster and international disability rights activist Liz Carr.

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