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By: A.C.

A couple of weeks ago, I was asked without ceremony or warning to come into the Office, as there would be a “filming session” by STV. There was a great deal of secrecy surrounding the film crew and why they were in our Office. 

Our Editor and media Course tutor, Andy, briefly informed me about a “funding project” which had to be embargoed until 1st March. 

The Peoples Projects video which was also broadcast on STV North Region tonight 1 March looks as though Wendy, William and myself had all been well–scripted and prepared beforehand, but can assure you, that it was all unscripted and casual.

The Application for Lottery Funding for our Media Course, is to help pay for advertising and running costs, staffing, and some new equipment, which will all keep the Media Course active and running and let us expand it into some exciting new areas.

This experience of a news gathering film–crew filming our wee group in the midst of a course, was a lesson in itself. The easy way that the cameraman moved about seemingly taking interminable shots, and the cosy manner of the interviewer, all lead to a great deal of film, somewhere over 45 minutes – which has been cut down to the 90 seconds you see in the Project appeal. We certainly learned from their professionalism.  It is also a salutary lesson in how context is everything when speaking to a camera.

The Media Course can give you the means with which to channel your creativity, and express and articulate what you see as issues for the disabled that need to be aired, discussed or brought to the notice of The-Powers-That-Be.

Some may not feel they have the experience or ready eloquence for video, or podcast, or be able to express themselves in words.  Those that have undertaken this course will grow in confidence, hopefully be less isolated, and usually want to use their new found skills in various ways.  

Please take the time to view our appeal video, and then click through to vote for us, so that we can get funding to retain and expand this Project.

Thank you for your vote.

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