Success at the Games

By: G.F.

Having enjoyed watching the 2012 Olympic Games in London on the television I wondered how the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow might compare. With considerably less money available to host the Glasgow Games it was difficult to know what the result might be.

Thankfully I have found this year`s games to have been an overwhelming success. The opening ceremony was full of action and excitement and gave visitors an insight to life in Scotland. I also thought it very relevant to have Rod Stewart performing one of his classic songs at the home of his beloved Celtic Football Club.

I considered it a very good idea also to have the disabled events interspersed with the non-disabled sports throughout the tournament. There were some exceptional performances from athletes across all sports and abilities. It was particularly pleasing to see the home nations do so well in many different events with Scotland in particular surpassing all expectations.

Hopefully visitors at the Games and the viewing audience around the world have enjoyed the entertainment and will take away happy memories from the event. People in Scotland may also be inspired to visit other countries of the Commonwealth. The local economy in and around Glasgow has certainly seen the benefits financially and may tourism in Scotland continue to flourish.

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  1. AC says:

    I really enjoyed the Games, the enthusiasm and ” Scottishness” on display.

    The only wry smile I had was at the opening ceremony, which, probably unless one is from the Central Belt, the icons and images were a bit strange. Pantoland and in -jokes aplenty. Like the cut -out of the Duke of Wellington statue – with the obligatory traffic cone on its head.

    On a more serious note, John Barrowman kissing a fellow dancer made a statement to all those Countries in the Commonwealth that would be shocked by such an act, Such an open display of affection would find the couple in jail for life. Scotland is indeed an inclusive and broad -minded place – nowadays. It is not so long ago we had draconian laws too. Mind you I did have to turn to Page 12 of the P&J the day after to find a half page report on the opening ceremony. Delivered in an offhand ” ” ahm nae really bothered” way. Not their backyard I suppose.

    Dame Tanni Grey Thomson also liked the way that the Para Games were woven into the ongoing Para events. She did however state clearly in an interview on BBC, that particular system is unsuitable for the Olympics as 6000 disabled athletes take part in the Paralympics. Would not work, apparently.

    For those who want to know what will happen to Hampden and its track now the Games are over, you can read what happens here.

    Football will return to the National Stadium . The track is being recycled to a disabled athletes club – Redstar AC – and Shettleston Harriers in Glasgow’s East End.

    I bet there were women all over the Commonwealth spitting nails as our own Lulu took to the stage in the closing ceremony. 64 years young and doesn’t she look great! . Good to see Dougie Mclean is still singing Caledonia – and then Auld Lang Syne – and he has absolutely no problem with that S in Syne. .

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