Safe Swimming

By: G.F.

I am very fortunate that my mother got me used to water in the swimming pool when I was very young. Many Sunday afternoons I swam in the Bon Accord Baths (B.A.B) on Justice Mill Lane, Aberdeen including diving off the platforms when 12 years old. I had lots of fun and enjoyed the exercise in the buoyancy of the water especially because I have always been overweight.

A few years ago I became disabled and the closing of B.A.B limited my opportunities for exercise. I learned there was a pool at Aberdeen University`s King`s Pavilion as part of Aberdeen Sport Village. Taking out an Access to Leisure membership (for over 60`s and benefit claimants) I have to admit I went less than a dozen times in two years.

My motivation was raised with the building of the new Aquatics Centre and my membership was transferred seamlessly. It is a fantastic facility with a staff operated hoist for disabled and two large accessible changing rooms. Members can also access the sauna and steam room. I was there when it opened to the public on May 5th this year and they gave me a new card to access facilities.

There are two pools (1 x 25 metre, 1 x 50 metre) and the public can always access at least one of these except when the timetable is altered due to a special event. Several staff are always on duty and help make the experience safe and enjoyable. I never thought I might have health problems as a result of going to a swimming facility.

My right foot became sore at the weekend and by Monday morning I could not put any weight on it. I called the doctor`s surgery and thankfully received a GP visit that morning. Now on antibiotics and applying cream to my foot I hope the infection improves soon. I have had bouts of Athletes Foot in the past but I have more symptoms this time.

It is possible I had a tiny cut in my foot unknown to me and this was infected on a visit to the Aquatics Centre. I cannot fault the staff there because the floors are cleaned regularly. For this reason I apportion no blame to the Centre because I know how thoroughly it is cleaned. I also look forward to using the centre`s facilities in future.

The Aquatics Centre timetable also offers family or exercise sessions, diving boards in the 25 metre pool and swimming lessons. Customers can pay as you go and there is a range of memberships available. To find out more visit their website and click on the Aquatics link.

I do not wish to discourage people from swimming especially at the Aquatics Centre in Aberdeen. On the contrary, it has excellent facilities and when my foot has healed I intend to visit there as before. My advice is to check your feet thoroughly before swimming and if in any doubt use special socks designed to protect feet for this activity.

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