Profile: Martyn Ashton

By: A.C.

Martyn Ashton was a Former British and World Champion, Mountain and Trials Bike rider, Team manager and stunt cyclist. He hails from Margam, near Port Talbot in Wales, and although this fearless bike rider compressed a vertebra in 1993, thus effectively ‘breaking’ his back, he soon returned to riding.

In 2012 Ashton made a film called Road Bike Party whilst using an unmodified carbon bike. This was filmed at various locations around the UK.

However, on 1September 2013 whilst carrying out a demonstration at the Moto GP he fell from a 3-metre high bar, leaving him paralysed from the waist down.

Ashton recalls what happened immediately after the fall in this BBC Interview;

“I landed and I felt the shock go through my body and I think immediately I knew it was very bad,” he said. “Because I knew it was serious I took a moment to speak to my son so that he knew Dad was alert and fine.” Ashton was immediately taken to hospital. “I spent about an hour telling myself it would be ok,” he recalled. “After that I thought, well let’s get on with it then, it’s changed, deal with it.”

Not long after discharge from hospital, Ashton tried out his hand –powered cycle, around a velodrome in Wales. This he said gave him confidence to then try what was even for the non–disabled – a real thrill ride down a mountain track. You can see an interview at You Tube here as he describes his injury, motivation and determination to get “Back on Track.”

Accompanied by some of friends, one of whom was Danny MacAskill, the similarly fearless stunt rider from Skye, he got back into the saddle of a Mountain Bike and hurtled back down the track being filmed and filming as he went. This film is called “Back on Track” and can be viewed here .

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