POEM: No One Else

By: S.W.

No one else has seen me cry
Went to their bed and hoped to die
Ever heard my side of the story
Lived my existence just my pain no glory

No one else can regret my sins
The troubled mind I hold within
Socially awkward my own taxi home
Gossip and rumour wherever I roam

No one else can feel my sorrow
Live for today beg steal and borrow
Blokes wear trousers women wear skirts
Unfair assumptions they really hurt

Every one else questions my life
Every little bit hurts trouble and strife
I write this in case no one else knows
Just my pain no glory star of the show.

I write this as an intelligent man
Living my life best as I can
I share these words as a plea
I might be alone in life but theres more like me.

Stephen Will

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