Nuisance Calls

By: A.C.

Nuisance calls really are a nuisance to the disabled. Depending on whether you are a mobile or landline user, there are different ways of dealing with nuisance calls. Some are free, and others will cost you a charge from your provider or other supplier

Today Ofcom has said in a report to the BBC, that if you get nuisance calls then you should report them to Ofcom. Only 2% of people do.

Firstly, before doing anything else, go to the Telephone Preference Service and sign–up to their free service to help reduce the amount of sales and marketing calls. I say reduce, because there are people who do not bother with TPS, or again there are automated calls that come in from abroad.

If you do receive a call, try to remember as much of the call as possible. You will need the number the unsolicited call came from, unless they have withheld it. Dialling 1471 after the call has cleared might just reveal the number, and that also states the time and date. If a 1471 reply says “the caller withheld the number” that is coming from the UK. If the 1471 reply is “we do not have the number for the caller” That call is from abroad. Then complain online at OFCOM or TPS.

For silent calls or abandoned calls, automated calls, spam texts, spam faxes, then the regulator OFCOM  is where to complain

Do you still get unsolicited mail if you have had a bereavement and you keep getting mail addressed to your loved one, then try registering for free by following this link and that should substantially reduce the mail. The Registrar of Scotland has a scheme whereby this is done on registering a death, but some magazines, club memberships and other persistent unsolicited mail take patience and letters to the head office to stop all subscription requests.

Is there anything that can be done about the seemingly psychic and all–knowing person who declares that they represent Microsoft or some other “computer technical department” and want to fix your computer? This is a scam and it is up to you whether you speak to them politely or not, but you should always hang–up the phone. I have heard of people who speak Gaelic, German or other languages and let vent their annoyance in that language. Achieves nothing, but I’m told it relieves a bit of steam! Frauds and scams and what to do about them should be directed here.

Last year a London man was responsible for getting a call centre in India to cold call Britons. These types of calls that usually come from abroad, can be blocked by British Telecom or other provider that you can sign–up to online, but be aware that service is by a subscription to their call blocking service.

Nowadays, the network suppliers have service that can block unwanted calls, this link shows charges you might need to pay.

Scammers have even tried to get people to sign up to their fraudulent OFCOM scam offering equipment or call–blocking service.
It is important that even when you are dealing with trusted banks, insurance, or utility companies to simply tell the call centre operator to tick or untick the box that allows them to call you or send you mail. In short, no spam calls, emails, or texts please.

This is a list of useful contacts for deciding what to do about nuisance calls.

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