McVey Appointed

By: A.C.

When someone in an elected office gets the heave–ho and loses their seat because of their massive unpopularity and support for policies that were affecting hundreds of thousands of people, then one does not expect to see them running the same Department less than two years later.

 McVey, who lost the popular vote in West Wirral and then was parachuted into George Osborne’s very safe and very blue Tory seat of Tatton.   

Comments so far are limited with the bigger press outlets ignoring McVey’s past, just as they ignore her past in Government.  However, it is easy to find what she did in her former role to the disabled and how she was reviled by many by simply  typing  her name and disability into Google. 

Skwakbox reported on the 9th of January 2018

“This is not McVey’s first time in the Department for Work and Pensions. She previously served as disabilities minister under the equally terrible Iain (Duncan) Smith – and worked with him on a PIP (Personal Independence Payment) switch that was specifically pre-designed to remove at least 500,000 people from the vital benefit.

McVey was also at the heart of the government’s change to mobility requirements that reduced the disqualifying distance a disabled person could walk to 20 metres, which caused tens of thousands to lose vital ‘motability’ allowances, with many becoming virtually or fully housebound.

Her come-uppance for her attack on the wellbeing of disabled people was the loss of her Wirral West seat in 2015 to Labour’s Margaret Greenwood – but she was handed a safe Cheshire seat in last year’s General Election to get her back into Parliament.

And now she is running the department where she caused so much hardship and anxiety for disabled people.”

If Mrs Theresa May had wanted to say that she did not care about the disabled, she should simply have painted in very large letters a disparaging message to that effect on the walls of the Houses of Parliament.   Appointing Esther McVey is as good as making a rude gesture to all those who campaigned to get her out in the first place.

In addition to past petitions during her time as a Minister there are already two petitions since her appointment to have her removed here and here.

Let’s see if the big press outlets pick this theme up.

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