Insurance for Disabled Drivers

By: A.C.

Like many teenagers, when I was young I was bursting to get my own wheels.  

I started with a Heinkel three wheel bubble car, which was sold fairly quickly to a bubble–car enthusiast. Then I moved to motor bikes, and then motor cars as the necessity for carrying my wife and children took precedence.

I always forked out for insurance, and did my best to cut the premiums through careful driving.

In those days I could not afford breakdown insurance, but eventually I was able to afford the extra, if only for peace of mind, following a stranding at the side of the road one dark winters night.

As all those who have been denied the higher mobility payment in PIP will know, the Motability vehicle that this payment covered in a lease has been removed from tens of thousands of people. That action by the DWP in its ever–hardening stance on disability benefits, under the disguise of austerity cuts, means that many will have no vehicle, or maybe they will have to buy the one they have been leased because it has special adaptions. 

There are also situations where carers who are members of family and look after a severely disabled family member will utilise a Motability vehicle as a named driver, to transport their charge to a clinic, hospital or go shopping .

Disability Discrimination also relates and regulates the insurance market too.  Have you ever wondered why Insurers ask if the vehicle has modified in any way?  Normally that means teenage racers who have modified a banger to look, sound as if it might actually go fast.  

I decided to check if any particular insurers actually dealt a good deal for disabled drivers or carers, or if any breakdown companies offered discount for Blue Badge holders. 

Remember that personal breakdown insurance when in a vehicle, for example when they are being taken out and about by relatives, who may not have the means through insurance,  to transport a wheelchair and disabled person home.  That kind of Insurance is for the person – not the vehicle.  So it can also help the driver of the vehicle.

Firstly I found that comparing or finding such insurance offered by specialist insurers was not commonplace. I would urge readers to re-read my articles on this blog about Disability Reporting to the DVLA and the criteria for obtaining a Blue Badge. You can read them here & here  

 I would not recommend particular insurers, as that is an individual’s choice.  In keeping with that line , I would say that good starting point for disabled drivers, carers and Blue Badge holders, is to check out this very informative article by Go Compare. There are also specialised insurers like Chartwell, Fish Insurance and En Route Insurance

All of these companies also do other insurance that a disabled person may need , like travel insurance.

Incidentally I noticed that the RAC vendor at a stall in our local Tesco on 5 May 2017 was offering 30% discount for Blue badge holders on Breakdown Insurance.

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