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In the North –East of Scotland we have numerous Scots words in the local dialect that would describe Phillip Hammond when he made his statement  about the unproductivity or burden of disabled people on the economy – as he saw it.   

It is almost certainly the case that by increasing participation in the workforce, including far higher levels of participation by marginal groups and very high levels of engagement in the workforce, for example of disabled people – something we should be extremely proud of – may have had an impact on overall productivity measurements.”

In case I get done for libel, I will not repeat any libelous Scots descriptions of  ‘Spreadsheet Phil’.

I must of course point out, that Philip Hammond is merely a multi –millionaire member of The Conservative and Unionist Party,  and  just happened to utter his opinion about how much of a burden disabled people are on the able–bodied workforce, viz.   “may have had an impact on overall productivity measurements.”

The Mirror report his wealth in the link above.   

“Hammond is one of Parliament’s richest MPs with a net worth estimated at £8.2million in 2014.  He made much of his money after setting up housing and nursing home developer Castlemead in 1984. He still benefits from a trust that controls the firm, alongside his £143,000 salary for being a minister and MP.”  

So are the inner thoughts of the Chancellor expressed in Committee somehow a repugnant aftertaste of his Oxford education or the education he has received whilst in the Tory Party?  His background seems ordinary enough having had his early education in a state school.

One can see that there are immediate warning signals in his discriminatory thoughts and words which are so concerning,  demands should be made of Philip Hammond to explain the deeper recesses of his thought processes and how he views disabled people.

Remember that these words and thoughts are coming from a man who has made millions on the back of his health–care and nursing home developments and investments.  Maybe he views the disabled as a good way to increase his portfolio of investments.  Rather like the Medical advisors I have written about in this blog.

Maybe there is a question begging to be asked that it is not compassion or social responsibility that drives people like Hammond, but the simple naked acquisition of money through the unfortunate circumstances of others – particularly the disabled.  No wonder the Tories allegedly wish to have the US Healthcare Industry take over in the UK.  

The attitude of the Chancellor is also evident in the shouted headlines of the right–leaning media & press in the UK. Some have simply backed this pernicious campaign against disabled people since the Tories took Office.  

When one reads the link to the review of Mo Stewarts’ book Cash not Care, it  is not speculation or rumour that the Healthcare Industry of the USA is involved in subjecting disabled people to assessments by tick box, carried out by what appears to be insurance assessors, designed by US style healthcare providers.  These are the same assessors, who then remove benefits for no good reason.

One does have to wonder why such discriminatory thoughts are present in such a senior Minister of Government, and who else carries such open discrimination.

An article at Scope regarding Hammond and his comments can be found here.

A letter from the same charity to Mr Theresa May  regarding Hammond can be read here

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