Facebook Changes and the Angry Emoji

By: A.C.

Sometime after July, there will certainly be a change in the way that Facebook deals with pages on its platform. This will equally certainly have a knock-on effect on how charities and other groups use it.

From what I am advised, and what I have read this will affect the way that your newsfeed is delivered to you our readers and supporters.  Facebook F8 2019: Facebook Announces New Updates for Groups, Dating and an App Redesign

I am not an IT genius, nor do I fully understand the algorithmic equations that Facebook and other platforms use to collect, store and use the data they gather.

 It is suggested from various online sources, and by our own editor, that using angry emojis, for example, on our posts, will result in our overall prominence being reduced. Clearly, the anger is about the story we have linked to, and not the fact we are linking to it.

I can see that if someone is posting anti–disability bile or hatred or homophobic/ racist comments  then the effects on prominence from the angry emoji would be justified. However, getting angry at an injustice or rights issues seems a normal situation.

Maybe we should just express ourselves in the comments at the foot of this page, or comment without using emojis on Facebook?

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