Deaths linked to benefit cuts

By: G.E.

Since the cuts to benefits and the change from DLA to PIP, many people, after losing their benefits or being found “fit for work” after an ESA assessment, have taken their own lives.

A story I found online by the Guardian (written 27th August 2015) that said nearly 90 people a month are dying after being found fit for work.

According to a report on Disabled Go News on 29th August 2016 the DWP is refusing to publish 9 secret reviews into the deaths of benefit claimants despite admitting that 7 of them relate to people who took their own lives.

The DWP finally released the information after Disabled News Service lodged a complaint with the Information Commission’s office.

According to Disability News Service:

“The DWP also admitted that 5 of the 9 reviews, which all took place in the 16 months between August 2014 and January 2016, contain recommendations for improvements in the department’s policies and procedures.

Ministers are refusing to publish the 9 reviews, even though final servants prepared them for release on the 23rd of May- more than 3 months ago- under freedom of information laws.

The information commissioner is now investigating the DWP’s refusal to release the 9 documents.”

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