Changes to the way you make local calls

By: A.C.

This is another important story that you might have seen in your ‘phone bills or generally “heard about that“ in passing.

From 1 October, all telephone users in the area where they stay will be required to dial the local code before the number required.

This is due to changes made by OFCOM and their advice can be found here. Or you can call 0300 123 3333 for more information.

This is quite an important piece of information for all those people who have medical devices, or mobiles that call a local number.

All ‘local’ numbers in Aberdeen will have to be called using the 01224 code.
BT have sent out ‘bumf’ advising people in Aberdeen to be aware of this change, as this City is one of the affected areas.

“If you have any local numbers stored in your home phone, make sure you change them to include 01224 before 1 October. And don’t forget to check any other equipment, such as personal or home alarm systems, that might connect to a local number.

Also, if you have elderly family members, friends or neighbours, you might want to check to make sure they know it’s happening, too – particularly if they rely on Carelines or pendants (telecare type services) for help.

After the switch, if you forget to add 01224 you’ll get a free recorded message to remind you.”

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