ATOS Quits

By: A.C.

It has been reported today Thursday 27 March 2014 -that ATOS has quit its contract with the Department of Work and Pensions early. 

ATOS were hated by all who were subjected unfairly to its cavalier approach to people’s needs, seemingly as a paid enforcer for the Government.  There have been reports on TV documentaries, that for those who were on long term Incapacity, the company would be paid £9000 for each person put on ESA and denied any further benefit.  

Remember the documentary last year by the BBC called “ Parking the Disabled” which focused on Aberdeen, and an employee of Triage , a sub–contractor of ATOS whose employees had a culture of referring to the disabled claimants as “LTB’s”.  Lying, Thieving B*****ds .  

There is an old saying “be careful of what you wish for, you might actually get it”. 

Now that ATOS is going, apparently with no compensation and no further cash from the Government, it is of course a great concern for the disabled community at large, as to what company will be given the contract. 

Being an old cynic, I am concerned that the Government will think that ATOS did not do a good enough job.  I think we might see Government Ministers over the next few days stating that ATOS were not effective enough in their contract.

If a sub–contractor like Triage were to get the contract, with what appears to be their apparently entrenched attitudes to the disabled, as shown in the BBC Documentary, I am a bit worried for claimants who might well run up against uncaring and commercial companies working to meet Government targets regardless of the claimant’s needs and situation. 

Is that not what ATOS were doing anyway?  So why are they walking away? 

This is a breaking news story that will develop over the next few days and months to come.  At AAD we will try to keep an eye on what company is awarded the contract, and bring you any news and opinion on that.

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2 Responses to ATOS Quits

  1. Zenrhe (Red Zilla) says:

    I must admit my first through when I head ATOS would finish was ‘awesome! finally rid of them’. This was sadly quickly followed by ‘…what will we get instead. We can’t assume it will be any better can we ?’

    So I am overjoyed at no more ATOS, but, as the article highlights, its till subcontractors that mess up too, and will any of those change ?

  2. AC says:

    ATOS have stated that their staff were vilified for just carrying out the duties asked of them by the Government Minister responsible. They do not think that any future contractor will be able to find and retain professionally trained staff able to do the job required of them. In essence, disability groups believe the Work Capability Tests were/are fundamentally flawed and skewed toward a simple Government target of ending welfare and saving money. See this BBC article.

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