An Award for Isobel

By: A.C.

Recently, the Asthma and Allergy Foundation based out at Suffolk House, Pitmedden Road, Dyce, ​ran a project called The Health & Humanitarian Awards, 2019.

Our very own stalwart and long-serving volunteer. Isobel Hunter, who will be known to many of our service users, was nominated and won a very nice inscribed finalists’ plaque in the Big Impact category.

Isobel was otherwise engaged, and unable to attend the awards event. However, another long standing volunteer, Roz, went along in Isobel’s place and received the award for her.

 The AAF website states:

Big Impact Award: In recognition of an individual who has made substantial contribution and has demonstrated an extraordinary commitment to and passion for their community. And also volunteer a significant amount of their time working within non-governmental and non-profit-making organisations, including charities, voluntary and community groups.”

You can see a gallery of the Award evening here on the AAF Facebook Page.

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One Response to An Award for Isobel

  1. AC says:

    I think that those who know Isobel will realise how difficult it was to get her to sit in front of a camera.

    Isobel is known to hundreds if not thousands in the disabled community. There are many who have sought her, or the volunteers help, when they are at their wit’s end, feeling desperate and under attack from a Government that appears to want confrontation with them. In the first instance, Isobel and the team at AAD try to calm fears using reasoned wisdom, knowledge and precedent. Isobel is what many people would call ” thrawn”, and when she sees an injustice she will fight it.
    In the Indian/Hindu /Buddhist Community this is called SEVA. In Christian communities it is called selfless service. In non -religious communities it is called compassion and someone who is motivated by ethics and morality.

    I know that at times the relentless attacks on the disabled community, affect our volunteers, and at times they have use the professionalism learned in other jobs, to detach and refresh so they are ready to represent those who need our help.

    To al the volunteers at AAD, Thank You. I know Isobel will say that the AAF Award is for everybody at the Office. We all know how much graft and toil she puts in selflessly day after day.

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