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By: A.C Several libraries could be filled with the opinions, research and ideas of many intellectuals and philosophers, who have tried over the last few hundred years to understand why poverty, social need, disability and welfare is not something that … Continue reading

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By: A.C. I am most likely not alone in receiving those brown envelopes from the DWP, with the intimidating letter inside which silently causes confusion and bafflement as one tries to decrypt the coded message therein. We have all used … Continue reading

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Traffic Problems Ahead?

By: A.C. Mugiemoss Road in Bucksburn has been closed since the 16th and will be for the next four months.  Many of you will wonder why I am reminding you of this road closure in Aberdeen City, and what relevance … Continue reading

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The Paralympics and the Crimea question.

<editor’s note: This is an opinion piece which presents one opinion on the Sochi Paraylmpics situation, there are of course many others. Do you agree? Disagree? Should sport and politics mix? The comment section is open at the bottom of … Continue reading

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Making Nature More Accessible : Wildlife Walks In And Around Aberdeen

By: A.C. I enjoy getting out and about when the weather allows to easily accessible, and preferably flat, woodland, riverside or beach walks. Donmouth Nature Reserve at Aberdeen Beach is quite forgotten in my opinion.  The rough area just off … Continue reading

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By: A.C. You are reading this blog, so you have an interest in disability.  There are different definitions for “Disability”, used by the Department of Work and Pensions for Benefit Purposes, Tax Concessions for blind people, and the Blue Badge … Continue reading

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By A.C. Have any of you ever seen afternoon TV on some of the digital channels?   Expensive TV adverts skilfully filmed and produced in a way that is designed to pull heartstrings and loosen purse –strings for all kinds of … Continue reading

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Polio in the past and present

By A.C. How many of you saw the BBC Drama ‘Call the Midwife’  on Christmas Day?  The central theme, apart from the wedding, was the polio vaccination programme.   Infantile Paralysis as Poliomyelitis used to be called, was a very serious … Continue reading

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Taxis and Discrimination

<Editor’s note: This article was written before the issue in Teeside was resolved, but we felt that it was still worth publishing. A follow up article about the resolution can be found here.> By: A.C Some of you may remember … Continue reading

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Yet More Cuts Ahead

By A.C. It was with a heavy cynical and weary sigh, when I heard George Osborne announce further austerity cuts of £25 Billion following the next election. He specifically mentioned that almost half of these would come from further cuts … Continue reading

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